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It's The Pits

It's The Pits is a barbecue food truck in the Tazewell County, VA area. We do mobile sales, festivals and events, and all sorts of catering.

We don't do "style", we do what we believe tastes right. Our style could be classified as mixed, taking cues from multiple different barbecue regions to create the flavors we feel compliment the meats the most. Our sides are designed to compliment our barbecue, so everything goes together in the way that you want and expect it to. Nothing too froufrou, but nothing from a can either. Just really good food.


​It’s The Pits’ mission is to provide simple foods made the right way. Our foods are made in a way that allow the ingredients themselves to stand out, without the need for additives. We use simple, unadulterated ingredients to help accomplish this. We know the science of foods and cooking, and are able to use this to our advantage. The foods we make are designed to highlight the natural flavors already present, and build upon those to create an experience unachievable through mass production. We love food. We love cooking it and eating it, and we want to share that experience with everyone else and let the world know what is possible when you do it right.

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