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It's The Pits

Really good barbecue. Really.

It's The Pits is a barbecue food truck based in the Tazewell County, VA area. We do mobile sales, and festivals and events. Check out our calendar below to find out where we are and like our Facebook page to keep up with us!

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As well as a food truck, It's The Pits is a full-service catering company. We offer multiple different catering services, from customer pick-up, to delivery, to on-site full-service catering. Whatever your needs are, we're sure to be able to accommodate you. Find out more about our catering services, or give us a call to book an event.

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We do stuff the hard way. From making everything from scratch, to smoking with only wood, to even curing our own meats.

We don't do "style", we do what we believe tastes right. Our style could be classified as mixed, taking cues from multiple different barbecue regions to create the flavors we feel compliment the meats the most. Our sides are designed to compliment our barbecue, so everything goes together in the way that you want and expect it to. Nothing too froufrou, but nothing from a can either. Just really good food.

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